RJ Raunac Net Worth 2024: RJ Raunac Biography

India’s RJ Raunac works as a radio host. Another name for Raunac is Bauaa (the Bhojpuri word for small child, bainua). On December 25, Raunak was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Raunac began working at Vippers after graduating, but he abruptly quit the position and enrolled in an MBA program after a while.

RJ Raunac Overview

Name:RJ Raunac
Net Worth:$0.5 Million
Salary:35 Lakhs +
Monthly Income:2 Lakhs +
Profession:Radio Jockey
Age:61 Yrs
Height:Radio Jockey
Date Of Birth:1962-09-26

RJ Raunac Net Worth

RJ Raunac is thought to have a net worth of about 0.5 million USD, or roughly 3.5 crores INR in Indian currency. His income is derived from a number of sources, including his work as an RJ, his YouTube videos, his Instagram postings, partnerships, etc.

Since he is regarded as the most bankable RJ in the radio business, his net worth is probably going to increase by 100%. Additionally, Mr. Raunac has done a number of charity live-in concerts.


Since 2010, RJ Raunac has been employed at Red FM India 93.5. Dayanand Vedic Vidyalaya in Uttar Pradesh was RJ Raunac’s primary school, and Kelkar College in Mumbai was his college. Additionally, he wed Sonam Asthana.

He is also active on YouTube, where he uploads a variety of videos to not one, but more than three channels. They occasionally provide news, occasionally perform comedic skits to make people laugh, and occasionally they post hilarious prank films to their channel.

RJ Raunac has more than three channels on YouTube, and his channel is rather active. He updates his channel with a wide variety of videos. In addition to acting like Govinda and Sweta Singh when reporting news, they may also play clever practical jokes on others. They also have a hoax video that you have to watch.


RJ Raunac went to Dayanand Vedic Vidyalaya in Uttar Pradesh for his high school education. RJ Raunac attended Mumbai’s Kelkar College for his undergraduate studies.

He completed his B.Com. He spent some time working at Wipro after earning his B.Com. However, he later quit his position at Wipro to get an MBA.

Marriage and ChildrenĀ 

Sonam Asthana, who is extremely attractive, is Raunak’s wife. After a considerable amount of time spent as friends, they made the decision to get married.

Sonam is a trained traditional Bharat Natyam dancer who also choreographs. She trained under Bhatkhande and is from Lucknow. He has a handsome son as well.

RJ Raunac Career 

Raunak had not previously planned on becoming an RJ. Following his B.Com., he had accepted a job, just like the rest of us. Then, a month later, he quit his job to pursue an MBA.

When While pursuing an MBA, private FM channels began to appear at the same time. Subsequently, as he tuned in to the radio, his curiosity was piqued, and he believed that if this effort was done to involve people, then he could too.

made it to All India Radio and cleared the audition. He studied for two years, worked as a radio host, and completed an MBA during that time.

Later on, he secured a corporate position inside the Wadhawan Group’s retail chain. In 2010, he quit his work and fully entered the radio sector because he didn’t feel like finding a new one. After entering the radio at a very young age, RJ Raunac became well-known throughout India:

She goes by the nickname “Bua,” which is a well-known radio figure across the country. Raunak works for 93.5 Red FM, one of the most listened-to radio stations. He has also been on the well-known news channel in a program called “Fun Ki Baat.”

RJ Raunac Achievements

  • RJ Raunac” is the name of RJ Raunac’s personal YouTube channel.
  • He has more over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, “RJ Raunac.”
  • He has more than 2.60 million followers on Instagram.
  • Additionally, he hosted a program on Zee News, a widely watched news channel, called “Fun Ki Baat.”
  • He goes by the nickname “Bauaa,” which is well-known across the country as a radio character. RJ Raunac is employed at 93.5 Red FM, one of the busiest radio stations.

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