Paradox Rapper: Rising Star’s Journey to MTV Hustle Fame

Rapper and guitarist Tanishq Singh, 19, is better known by his stage name Paradox. Apart from being a well-known guitarist, Tanishq is also a well-liked Indian hip-hop artist. He is currently seen showcasing his abilities on well-known Indian reality shows like MTV Hustle Program. At the age of 19, he has accomplished a lot, but he is currently busy getting ready to go. Tanishq Singh feels inspired to keep going after his potential is recognized. In the same year (2022), Tanishq Singh (Paradox Rapper) signed up for MTV’s hustling program, which allowed him to display his artwork in front of the entire nation. Although he had participated in numerous reality shows before this, it was this MTV performance that brought him the greatest notoriety.

Real nameTanishq Singh
Famous nameParadox
Zodiac signLibra
Age19 years ( 19 yrs)
Date of birth16 July 2003
StateDelhi (Delhi)
ProfessionRap singer
The reason behind the popularityRap song / MTV hustle program
Present residence addressDelhi
Tenure (active year)2019 to present

Tanishq Singh aka Paradox Rapper Biography

Tanishq Singh (Pardox) was born in the Delhi district of Najafgarh on July 16, 2003. Even though he is now 19 years old, his name was well-known in Delhi last year when he was just 18 years old. Millions of their fans have relocated to India as a result of their recent enormous growth in popularity. This is due to Tanishq Singh’s artistic ability.

Tanishq Singh (Pardox) was a twelve-year-old who had mastered the guitar. He had perfected the style of playing the guitar at such a young age. Since he had been able to successfully introduce his loved ones to this skill on a national level, he was currently the most popular person and was frequently invited to appear on his MTV Hustle program.

Tanishq Singh, the Paradox Rapper, succeeded in finishing his education as well. He completed both his Delhi College education and his formal education in Delhi. In terms of his endeavors, he was drawn to the art of music from an early age and would eventually pursue a career as a musician.

They also think that by working in the music industry, they may live the finest possible lives. He had stated that his goal is to work in movies as well, which would increase his notoriety.

Tanishq Singh aka Paradox Rapper early life and career

Tanishq Singh, also known as Paradox Rapper, has always had a deep passion for music. He used to like listening to music, but after a while he started rapping along with them. Even throughout his school years, he valued music education highly. Let us inform you that Tanishq Singh’s (Pardox) family’s circumstances were not favorable enough for him to select a reputable school and pursue training. The boy comes from a typical middle-class family. Tanishq Singh’s life serves as an inspiration for others who fail owing to other significant circumstances, showing that we may achieve our goals with perseverance, hard effort, and commitment.

Tanishq Singh (Pardox) gained notoriety a short while ago when he accepted the challenge to sing a rap song by Rohan Cariappa in less than a minute. Tanishq Singh met the challenge. Tanishq Singh, a.k.a. Paradox Rapper, demonstrated this by registering as the winner of a one-minute challenge. Tanishq Singh appeared in a desi hip-hop song; he and other well-known musicians posted the video, which garnered a lot of popularity. Tanishq then began working with musicians from Nepal. Tanishq Singh received a supportive hug from rapper Badshah, who is well-known for the smash song after he saw his artwork on this MTV program.

Paradox Rapper’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Paradox is worth one to two million dollars. Singing, TV appearances, advertising, and brand promotions are his primary revenue streams. In 2022, Paradox will be eighteen years old.

9 Amazing Facts About Paradox Rapper

  • Paradox has helped a lot of underprivileged kids.
  • Paradox has a YouTube account that he uses to routinely share his musical creations with his followers.
  • After Paradox triumphed in Rohan Cariappa’s one-minute rap challenge, he initially gained notoriety in the Desi hip-hop community.
  • Paradox has more than 2.1 million Instagram followers, and the figure is still growing.
  • Paradox has worked with many well-known underground rap performers.
  • His music video for Ghatotkach gained popularity on social media sites like YouTube.
  • The Ghatotkach music video has received more than 400K views on the internet.
  • The true name of Paradox is Tanishq Singh.
  • In 2022, Paradox will be eighteen years old.

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