Nimrat Khaira: A Rising Star in Punjabi Music

Nimrat Khaira was raised in a culturally diverse environment while growing up in the Punjabi village of Mustafapur. Her early love of music was sparked by the lively folk tunes and rich Punjabi musical tradition that surrounded her childhood home. Notwithstanding the social conventions that discouraged pursuing a music career, Nimrat never wavered in her resolve.

Nimrat Khaira Overview

Nimrat KhairaDetails
ProfessionSinger And Actress
Celebrity TypeSinger
Age30 Years
Date Of Birth13th Of March, 1982
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height5 Feet 3 Inch
Weight52 Kgs
Notable WorkWinner Of Voice Of Punjab Season 3
Total FilmsOver 13 Films
Net Worth14 Crores INR

Early Life

On August 8, 1992, Nimratpal Kaur Khaira was born. Her mother works as a government teacher, and her father works for the government in the forest department. She attended D.A.V School, Batala in Punjab, where she finished her education. She was born in Mustafapur, Punjab, India. Following that, she attended Jalandhar’s HMV College to earn her degree in biotechnology. She subsequently attended Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar to complete her postgraduate studies in vocal music.

From a young age, Nimrat has had a strong love for acting and singing. She performed in several Indian music festivals after learning the art of classical singing at a very young age. She participated in the TV musical reality show Awaaz Punjab Di when she was in the 12th grade, but she was eliminated after the Top 20 List. Moreover, Nimrat has training in playing several instruments, including the harmonium.

Nimrat Khaira Struggles

The performer, who fell in love with singing at a young age, started giving performances in the third grade. She then started giving performances, and it seems that her early self-assurance has helped her and is still helping her follow her love of singing.


In 2015, Nimrat and Nishawn Bhullar released the duet song “Rabb Karke,” which marked the beginning of their singing career. She then made her single track “Ishq Kacheri” available and became well-known. Nimrat then went on to release several Punjabi songs, including “SP De Rank Wargi,” “Salute Wajde,” “Taanvi Changa Lagda,” and “Rohab Rakhdi,” all of which became instant hits. She has performed playback vocals for several movies, such as “Akhar” in the movie “Lahoriye” and “Dubai Wale Sheikh” in the movie “Manje Bistre.” Her well-known songs include “Tohar,” “Suit,” “Designer,” “Brobar Boli,” and “Ranihaar.”

Her acting career began in 2017 when she portrayed “Harleen Kaur” in the Punjabi film “Lahoriye.” She starred alongside Tarsem Jassar in the lead role of the movie “Afsar” in 2018. Nimrat is not only an actress and singer but has also graced magazine covers, such as “Lifestyle Magazine.”

Nimrat Khaira’s Education

The school where Nimrat Khaira is enrolled is D.A.V. School, Batala, Punjab. HMV College, Jalandhar, and Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar are the colleges where Nimrat Khaira is enrolled. At Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar, Nimrat Khaira completed her postgraduate studies in music vocal.

Nimrat Khaira’s Networth and Income

According to estimates, Nimrat Khaira’s net worth will range from $1 to $2 million in 2022, or 7 to 14 crore Indian rupees. Her monthly salary is expected to be around 10 lakh rupees or more. Nimrat Khaira is well-known for her acting prowess and versatility in addition to her vocal abilities. She is a very vivacious and compatible actress who can bring her style to any part.

Personal Life

Off-screen, Nimrat is a passionate traveler who enjoys discovering new locations all over the world. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing poetry, working out, and doing yoga. Her relationship status is that she is single and has never been in a relationship. Nimrat is an ardent and committed artist who enjoys putting in a lot of effort and satisfying her fans. Around the world, countless aspiring actors and singers find inspiration in her life story.

Interesting Facts about Nimrat Khaira

  • Nimrat Khaira was a medical student who completed her biotechnology bachelor’s degree.
  • She started taking classical music lessons with Sushil Narang when she was in the third grade.
  • Nimrat Khaira had an interest in acting when she was younger, and then she developed an interest in music.
  • When Khaira was in her 12th grade year, she participated in Awaaz Punjab Di, but she didn’t make it past the Top 20.
  • After that, she participated in Voice of Punjab‘s second season in 2011, but the day before the grand finale, she was eliminated.

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