Kaka Singer: The Journey of a Punjab-Born Singer 

Born in Chandu Majra, Patiala, Punjab, on Tuesday, April 5, 1994, Kaka, better known as Ravinder Singh, will be 29 years old in 2023. His zodiac sign is Aries. He received his schooling at Sarkari Elementary School, Chandu Majra, Patiala, and Ashoka Public School. He earned a mechanical engineering diploma from Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Polytechnic College in Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab.  He then pursued his B.Tech in mechanical engineering.  Since he was young, Kaka Singer has been a gifted vocalist, and throughout his years in school and college, he regularly competed in singing competitions. However, his parents would have rather had him prioritize his studies above his singing. Kaka started up with Punjab Urban Planning Associates (PUDA) as an architect. and Development Authority) following his graduation.

Name5 April 1994
ProfessionSinger Youtuber, Influencer, Content Creator
Famous NameKaka
Date of BirthAge (As of January 2022)
Age (As of january 2022)28
Birth PlaceVillage Chandumajra, Patiala, Punjab, India
HometownChandu Majra, Patiala, Punjab, India
Zodiac SignAries
SchoolGovernment Public School
CollegePunjab Institute of Technology, Rajpura

Kaka Family

At the moment, Kaka Singer has an elder brother who is married, in addition to his parents, making six people in his household. While Kaka’s father is a mistry, or housemaker, he works as a masonry contractor in homes. His older brother is employed by a private corporation.

Early Life

Knowing Kaka’s qualifications, he finished his elementary education in his hometown. Kaka attended Rajput College to obtain a diploma and subsequently a B.Tech after finishing his tenth-grade education. When Kaka was younger, people would admire his voice and he would perform songs.

That’s why, once singing became a hobby at first, it turned into a love for him. When he was a student, he would sing during the school’s annual celebrations. Despite his distaste for learning, Kaka Singer was an excellent student.

Kaka’s father claimed that although his older brother was a dedicated student, Kaka wasn’t. If your older brother studies, you should too, his father used to tell him. “You just see my percentage; you don’t force me to study,” Kaka once said.

Kaka used to study very little, but he still achieved a great grade point average. He continued his prior singing career when he enrolled in college after finishing high school. He also started to sing at events hosted by colleges. His singing did not sit well with his father at all.

He once believed that Kaka’s singing was a pointless activity. If only he would focus on his academics, perhaps he could achieve anything. In addition to his love of singing, Kaka Singer was a songwriter. Kaka Singer went to engineering school after graduating.

He went job hunting after graduating from college. Kaka was fully aware that money was required to release a song, even though he had always desired to release his music. Kaka’s appearance caused him to get turned down for numerous jobs when he first started looking.


It was in Chandigarh that he got his first job. Kaka Singer has finished a lot of work, some in Chandigarh and some in Mohali. November 2019 saw the release of this song, Surma. Kaka collaborated with his friends to write this song. It might be said that this song was a failure even though listeners did not respond well to it. Songs were written by Kaka during that period. After that, he talked about putting one of his songs on the Haani Records local channel and recording it outside of his house. The record company believed the song was good, so he agreed to have it released. Within hours of its release, the song started trending on YouTube. Kaka Singer rose to fame thanks to this very song. The song was made available on Haani Records‘ YouTube account before being sold to Single Trek Studio.

In this manner, the music is uploaded to two channels, and combined, those channels have received over 100 million views. A few days after Keh Len De, Kaka Singer released “Teeji Seat” and “Libas,” the latter of which went viral more than the former. This song once more made it to the YouTube trending list. Like the two songs Keh Len De and Libas, which also received positive feedback and love from the public, Kaka released another song titled “Temporary Pyaar” a few days ago. Kaka rose to fame after three of his first six songs on YouTube became huge hits. When creators of short videos on YouTube and Instagram started sharing their work on A Kaka song. Every music enthusiast in the nation has the chance to hear Kaka’s voice. In a matter of days, he rose to fame.

Kaka Singer also likes to write poetry, which he has to post online. Back then, Kaka’s father had disapproved of his decision to become a musician, but now that he’s successful, people are lining up to meet, greet, and snap photos with him. As a result, his father and his family are ecstatic and very proud of their son. When Kaka would sing and play music during lockdown, his father thought he was free. When Kaka Singer released his first single, Kaha Len De, his father was not informed. Kaka’s family got in touch with her to let her know that she was now well-known after this song went viral. In the Indian music landscape of today, Kaka is a household name. Kaka Singer fulfilled his own as well as his father’s dreams. He trained as an engineer first, then turned his attention to his goals, all to please his father.

Kaka (Punjabi Singer) Amazing Facts

  • Punjabi singer Kaka enjoys roaming and exploring!
  • Kaka Singer also smokes and enjoys drinking, with Signature being his all-time favorite beverage. 
  • His song “Keh Len de” is a well-known hit that first brought him recognition, and his fans still sing the same tune in their hearts!
  • Kaka Singer enjoys penning songs a lot and believes that people should write their songs instead of giving them to others.
  • The father of Punjabi singer Kaka works as a mason. Kaka was a driver as well in the past.
  • Kaka Singer enjoys getting tattoos despite not having any on his body. 
  • Kaka also likes going to the gym!

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