Gurdas Maan: Iconic Punjabi Artist and Music Maestro

Gurdas Maan is a Punjabi artist, musician, actor, and choreographer who was born on January 4, 1957. He is regarded as one of the greatest musicians in Punjabi music. They provided for his upbringing in the Sikh Jutt village of Giddarbaha, Punjab. His parents were the late S. Gurdev Singh Mann and Bibi Tej Kaur. In 1980, he began to receive widespread attention for his singing career. After that, he recorded over 34 albums and wrote over 305 songs. He declared in 2013 that he would record new songs for his YouTube profile and communicate with his fans via video platforms.

Full NameGurdas Maan
Born Date04 Jan, 1957
Age66 years
ProfessionSinger, actor, Musician
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
Marital Statusmarried
WifeManjeet Maan
Net Worth$2 million
Birth PlacePunjab
FatherGurdev Singh
MotherTej Kaur
ChildrenGurrick Singh (Son)

Early life

Gurdas Maan was born into a Jat Sikh Maan family (India) in Gidderbaha Faridkot, Punjab. In Malout, Gurdas Maan completed his formal schooling. When he completed his education there, his parents enrolled him at a Patiala additional education facility. He participated in many sports and won medals, in addition to gaining a black belt in judo and a bronze at the National Championship. Gurdas Mann is one of the best Punjabi vocalists performing today. Many vocalists from Punjab consider Gurdas Mann to be a Punjabi icon.


A producer from a Jalandhar TV station called Gurdas after he saw the broadcast because he thought the song had promise. Gurdas agreed to the producer’s suggestion that the song be performed on TV. After learning of the song’s enormous success, HMV (not to be confused with the music retailer) decided to record and release it. In 1981, a year later, Gurdas’s debut album was finally released by HMV. Gurdas has always performed as a solo performer ever since making his debut. When Gurdas began his career as a solo artist, duet performers dominated the Indian music scene. Gurdas allegedly declined multiple offers to perform in a duet because he preferred to perform and be successful as a solo singer.

1990s and 2000s

It is commonly believed that Gurdas Maan brought Bhangra music from a regional, primarily Punjabi scene to international popularity. This was particularly true in Birmingham in 1998 when Gurdas won Best International Artist and “Apna Punjab” won Best Song and Best Album at the Asian Pop and Media Awards. The original words to this song were written by Makhan Brar, a Toronto resident. Gurdas Maan reportedly received the song from Makhan Brar during his Toronto performance. Gurdas went on to record the song for his upcoming album after adding a new verse to it. Apart from these accolades, Gurdas was the recipient of three music awards on March 6, 2005, from the ETC Channel Punjabi Music Awards: Best Song (Heer), Best Lyrics (Kudiye), and Best Singer of the Year.


Gurdas Maan debuted as a vocalist in 1980 with the Punjabi song “Dil Da Mamla Hai.” The song became well-known. After that, he released the songs “Mamla Gadbad Hai” and “Chhalla.” His Punjabi song “Apna Punjab Hove” was the recipient of multiple awards, including Best Song, Best Album, and Best International Artist from the Asian Pop and Media Awards. His album “Boot Polishan” won Best International Album at the 2007 UK Asian Music Awards. He sang the hit song “Ki Banu Duniya Da” with Diljit Dosanjh on Coke Studio MTV Season 4. Maan also developed and directed the Doordarshan television series “POP Time” for Delhi.

In addition to music, Maan has also tried his hand at acting. He has starred in many well-known Bollywood productions and received many honors, including the Jury’s Award from the Indian President. In addition, he has made multiple film appearances in Tamil, Punjabi, and Hindi. In the film “Waris Shah-Ishq Daa Waaris,” he played Punjabi poet Waris Shah during the composition of his epic poem Heer Ranjha, which is his most well-known role. Additionally, he made a small cameo in the Shah Rukh Khan film “Veer Zaara.”

Awards And Honors

  • Maan is the only singer from Punjab to have won the 54th National Film Awards‘ Best Male Playback Singer title. The aforementioned movie was nominated for a general category Academy Award as well. Maan became well-known after penning the famous song “Dil Da Mamla Hai.” Subsequently, Maan recorded “Mamla Gadbad Hai” and “Chhalla,” the latter being the popular song from the 1986 Punjabi film “Laung Da Lishkara,” with music arranged by the renowned Jagjit Singh.
  • Maan has also received numerous honors and recognition for his work in Bollywood movies, including the Indian President’s Award for Jury Selection in 2005. He also sang the famous song Ki Banu Duniya Da with musician Diljit Dosanjh on Coke Studio MTV Season 4. In just one week following its August 15, 2015 release, the song had over 32 million views on YouTube.
  • He took home the “Best International Album” trophy for Boot Polishan in the 2009 UK Asian Music Awards.
  • During the inaugural Filmfare Awards Punjabi ceremony in 2017, he was awarded the “Filmfare Award for Living Legend”.

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