Divine (Rapper): Journey, Net Worth, and Awards

Indian rapper Divine, whose real name is Vivian Wilson Fernandes, hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra. October 2, 1990, was Divine’s birthdate. As of 2022, Divine (rapper) is 32 years old.  The sign of the Divine’s zodiac is Libra. 2013 saw the debut of his song Yeh Mera Bombay, which led to his rise in popularity. With the release of his single Mere Gully Mein in 2019, he gained notoriety alongside fellow Mumbai rapper Naezy. 

Divine (rapper) once noticed a classmate wearing a 50 Cent t-shirt. Having never heard of the rapper before, he asked his friend who was on the t-shirt and what the background was. His friend told him it was hip-hop and offered to make him a rap CD. The album featured songs by Big L, 50 Cent, Eminem, and Tupac Shakur. Divine (rapper) first had trouble keeping up with the songs because of the slang and tempo. But he checked it up online and began learning more about hip-hop while he listened to the CD day and night.

Real NameVivian Fernandes
Stage NameDivine
Nick NameDivine, Vivian
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Rapper (HipHop/R&B/Pop), Music Composer, Performer
Born On2nd October 1990
Age30 Years (As in 2020)
Birtd PlaceAndheri, Mumbai, Maharastra, India
ResidenceAndheri, Mumbai, Maharastra, India
EducationR.D National College Andheri, Mumbai, India
ManagerNilkantd (Kshitij)
Zodiac SingLibra


Divine (rapper)’s mother handed him a computer and a microphone at home, and he started writing music. At first, he would write exclusively in English, sharing his reflections on ordinary occurrences. He initially believed that both his writing and rapping were subpar. But he got better as long as he wrote every day. He also penned three religious rap songs, which gave him the idea to go by the stage name DIVINE.

One of Mumbai’s Finest rap gang members, DIVINE, felt that hip-hop could only be successful in English, hence he would only write and rap in that language. But when he broke away from the crew and started traveling alone, he found that most people around him didn’t speak Hindi, so they couldn’t comprehend his English rap. He started writing in Hindi about his hometown and became known as the rapper DIVINE. The first word he wrote on his debut track, “Yeh Mera Bombay,” was “gully.”

DIVINE was approached by electronic music producer Nucleya to work on a song after the release of their 2016 hit “Jungli Sher.” “Jungle Raja” was a song from Nucleya’s Bass Rani album. In less than a day, DIVINE composed the song’s lyrics and started touring with Nucleya to play it. Divine (rapper) had never before played to a gathering of ten to fifteen thousand individuals. He realized the value of having a strong stage presence and that expanding his fan base would come from performing live. However, he realized that putting on a show with just one artist wouldn’t cut it, so he started Gully Gang.

Net Worth

The amount of assets that exceed the liabilities is known as net worth. Money, real estate, and anything else of worth are examples of assets. It is the overall value of everything you own. The net worth is not calculated annually. Net value is determined by deducting all obligations from all assets. Net value is determined by deducting all obligations from all assets. So, what is Divine’s current estimated net worth? Divine (rapper) is estimated to have a net worth of 1.2 crore. The Divine (rapper) earns between 6 and 8 lakhs each month.


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